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L O V E   N O T E S

"Kiros Way will totally reinspire the way you think, and the way you see everything around you - teaching you how to connect and form an overall relationship with your horse in a way you've likely never imagined. Emily teaches in a way that is so incredibly nurturing. She truly has a way with words and actions and will totally have you engulfed in this magical way of life. Her message is clear and her teachings are kind and inviting. She will never talk down to you or make you feel stupid for asking a question. When around her I must say you will have such an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity surrounding you. It is the most pleasant environment to learn in and she is the most amazing teacher to learn from. In only two days she had managed to touch my heart so deeply and truly change my way of being with horses forever. I highly recommend Kiros Way to anyone and everyone wanting to connect with their horse on a level that is out of this world."


Alyssa - Service Animal Trainer & Mentor

​Florida, USA

"My lessons with Emily have been some of the most beautiful and humbling experiences I've had with Horses. After learning to let my horse say no so that she could start saying yes to all the fun things we can do in our play sessions, she now shoves her head in the halter when it's offered to her, and follows me with confidence in herself as a horse but also with confidence in me.. Emily has taught me to live in the moment at all times with horses, and to gently loosen my grip on expectations. She is truly gifted with her ability to communicate with animals and is a truly caring individual. I look forward to learning from Emily even more in the future. My connection and relationship with my horse is better than it's ever been, and the journey has only just begun.

Thanks Emily!"


Megan - Horse Trainer

​Alberta, Canada

"While following Emily on social media, I thought her work was really inspiring. And then I met her... wow! Believe it or not, she is even more gorgeous inside than out, if that's even possible! This beautiful soul is so inspiring and the way she expresses her love for all forms of life is magical. She is an amazing listener, both for humans and horses and her authenticity is refreshing. I am so grateful to have met her, as not only has she helped me evolve on my personal path with horses, but I also know that I have made a friend for life. I highly recommend her clinics and I will personally attend a lot more in the future for sure!"


Michele - Horse Whisperer

​Quebec, Canada

"I met Emily at her clinic in California and instantly felt connected to her. Her gentle, intuitive way with horses is so inspiring, and she is just as kind and gentle with her students, making us feel safe to ask questions and be vulnerable in the best way possible. I took so much away from the clinic and left excited and inspired to try new things with my horses. Can’t wait to learn more from Emily! Xx"


Claire - Pegasus Mum

Los Angeles, USA

“I've been training with Emily for two years now, and I've experienced more satisfaction, growth and fun with my horse than I ever did before Kiros Way. To know that my horse is genuinely better off for our time together is an immense source of peace for me.

Emily is not only an excellent trainer but a truly great horsewoman. I am so grateful to Emily's wisdom, integrity, and guidance. I can't attest to the quality of her services enough!"


Josie - Loving Horse Mama

Alberta, Canada

"When it comes to teaching, you won't find someone more "in their element" than Emily. Her limitless passion and love for horses and humans shines through in a way you don't see very often. Combine her gift of teaching with her amazing insight and connection with horses and you get the perfect solution for anyone struggling with their horse or just looking for a way to connect and strengthen their relationship. Emily will teach you (and your horse) how to communicate effectively with each other by setting two-way boundaries and allowing you both to make mistakes without fear of punishment. Do your horse and yourself a favor and take just one lesson with her! You'll be hooked and your horse will thank you for the rest of his life!"


Jessica - Horsemanship Mentor

​Colorado, USA

"I always thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Emily. She has a highly developed eye for seeing behaviors, patterns, and feelings which makes her so accurate and unique at reading horses. Emily’s knowledge of physics, biomechanics and neuroscience provides a refreshing, detailed, and extensive take on whole horse healing. I would highly recommend Emily if you are looking for a fulfilling, beneficial and healthy way of playing and moving with your horse."


Kenna - Osteopath

Alberta, Canada

"I started training with Emily several years ago and the change in my herd is nothing short of amazing. I am developing real and honest relationships with these incredible, majestic animals. Emily has an amazing energy not only with the horses but with us humans as well.  Her knowledge is shared freely, honestly and from her heart.  She is quick to praise and is gentle but firm when corrections are needed for both the horses and myself.  Emily is a wonderful mentor and is patient with me as I work through my fears and old misguided ideas on working with horses.  I would recommend Kiros Way for anyone who wants to have a more meaningful and enjoyable relationship with horses.  A side benefit is that what I am learning with Kiros Way is transcending into all my relationships (both the two and four legged ones}."


Sheila - Herd Matriarch

​Alberta, Canada

"How to create a deep, positive connection with your horse is broken down into integrable steps. Emily’s profound understanding of how the horse feels and thinks is very clear, as every question is answered with clarity, and without judgement. Her objective is clear; building a strong, mutual relationship built on trust and communication. Kiros Way Horsemanship isn’t just a way of interacting with the horse, it’s a way of living. Using the energy of consciousness, we focused on learning to be in the moment with our horses- allowing us to experience the subtleties of the horses world. This training provided me with a deep understanding of my horse, but also myself. This approach of working with my horse has empowered us to create limitless possibilities! We are so inspired."


Val - Heart Centered Centaur

Ontario, Canada

"From our very first lesson we were hooked. Kiros Way is deep, and at times even challenging, soul-work. But I see the positive changes in my horses demeanor each time we finish a lesson or practice session. As I learn to dissolve the barriers of communication between us, my horse seems to feel that effort. Emily is the perfect guide for this work, as she introduces concepts on a human level, and then takes you through the ways in which those concepts work for the horse. Her love for the animals shines clearly through, whether it is simply speaking about universal language, or helping you learn to physically channel energy into certain movements. Both horse and human appreciate her attention and creativity, and I leave every lesson feeling even more inspired than the week before. I started our lessons with a horse who was reluctant and arena-sour, and within a few weeks he became eager to see what we were going to do together! I feel the layers falling away between us as I begin to recognize his inner life is as intricate as my own."

Trisia - Horse Ally

Alberta, Canada

"I’ve been a student of Emily’s for over 6 years. She's helped me grow as a person as well as strengthen my bond with my horse. Emily is a very compassionate person who cares deeply for both horse and human. Her knowledge and teachings have helped support my journey with and without my horse, as she always seems to have an answer that reaches to the root of what we are dealing with. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her." 

Kerra - Vet Student

Alberta, Canada

"With Emily’s wisdom, patience and coaching, my horse and I have learned to play together to build a friendship with mutual love, respect and trust. We've learned to interact in a way that is gentle, fun and nurturing.  It can be done anytime without an arena, tack or force of will.  Both of us are there because we want to be; nothing is ever forced. I’m happy that I can offer something of value and enrichment to my horse.  To see the light in her eyes as she engages her mind, body and spirit is truly the greatest gift."

Erica - Horse Lover

Alberta, Canada

"My daughter has thrived in her lessons with Emily. She has always avoided competitive riding with her pony, and as her mom I was constantly trying to convince her it would be ‘fun’ to be part of the groups of girls going to shows, but it simply made her uncomfortable. After watching her in liberty lessons and using positive reinforcement, I can see that this type of training speaks to her heart in a way that was not there before, the missing piece, so to speak. Although she is still young, I believe the messages that Emily is sharing with her will stay with her for the rest of her life. Even if she should not continue to have horses in her future, this is training that encourages the growth of empathy, focuses on mutual respect, and above all embraces kindness. I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful role model in Emily, and cannot wait to see what kind of learning and discovery the future will bring."


Horse Mum

Alberta, Canada

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