Imagine, co-creating alongside an unbridled Horse.

Free from force, while flowing in rhythm with the ripples of energy that each moment creates.

Communing in a language beyond words, while exploring different shades 

and expressions of spirit.


A connection - a dance - with the soul of the Horse. 

"Emily has a highly developed ability for reading emotional and energetic behavioral patterns which makes her so accurate and unique at reading horses. Emily’s knowledge of physics, biomechanics and neuroscience provides a refreshing take on whole horse healing. I would highly recommend Emily if you are looking for a fulfilling and healthy way of playing and moving with your horse."






A Journey to the Heart.

Each and every connection we share

contributes to the creation of a masterpiece.


While learning to connect with Horses

I've come to realize that

integrating and regulating energy,

respecting all that we both are,

not only helps to heal

the mind, body and spirit

of both Human & Horse, 

but empowers both to experience life with

authentic, unconditional and

universal connection.

Tacoma & Emily - Post hat tug and pre cheek kiss

"Transcendence is the path of liberation. Immanence is the path of manifestation. To embrace them both is to see the divine within and without as an inseparable unity."

- Anodea Judith

My name is Emily Frost.

I'm a dedicated student of the Horse and have been studying their complex connections for over 15 years. These studies have transformed into a spiritual science.

Kiros Way is a shared collection of some of my most treasured discoveries.

Kiro: An archetypal figure of Equine Divinity.

A symbol of great and harmonious union.


Exploring a Liberated Partnership

Using primarily positive reinforcement & the universal language of energy, each facilitated session nurtures the ever evolving and multi-contextual connections between Human and Horse. Tap into an abundance of creativity while playing, growing and learning in complete consentience. Learn to condition a custom, conscious and congruent language bridge - one that supports and honors the autonomy, as well as the inner and outer workings, of both Horse and Human. 


Connecting in Mind, Body and Spirit - these sessions will bridge the gap between you and the Horse.


Have you yet to befriend a Horse? Journey alongside a member of Emily's Herd.

Private Session....................$60

Season of Private Sessions (8)....................$400 ($50 per session)


Semi-Private Session....................$50 per person 

Season of Semi-Private Sessions (8)....................$320 per person ($40 ea. per session)

Online Session....................$50

Season of Online Sessions (8)....................$320 ($40 per session)

Private Session - 60 - 120 minutes of facilitated learning

Semi-Private Session - 60 - 120 minutes of facilitated learning with a friend

Season of Sessions (8) - An odyssey of weekly 60 - 120 minute facilitated learning sessions

Pricing includes travel within 35km

Online Sessions - 60 - 120 minutes of facilitated learning via private video calling

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like to embark on this journey!



"My journey with Kiros Way began with a simple desire to learn a new way of spending time with my horse friend. It's now become a journey of powerful awakening, healing and connection. Learning to move in flow, we celebrate each other's growth and hold space in times of healing. It's awe-inspiring the way the slightest thought or shift in energy can influence another so clearly. She nickers and I laugh because together, we are "on fire"!"

"I have been learning from Emily for almost three years now. It is hard to put into words what I have learned and experienced, partly because it is so different from traditional ‘horse training’, but also because it is difficult to describe how meaningful it is to me. Going on this journey together has made us more connected than ever. The moments I am able to share with Carter are a dream come true. Thank you, Emily, for guiding us along the way."


Non-invasive and consensual therapy to help support the nervous system and balance the emotional energy body.

Using various healing modalities including Biofield Tuning, Hypnotherapy, Sound Therapy, EFT Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Breath and Proprioceptive Touch Therapy.

Common Body Meditation....................$10

Communing with mind & spirit

Pre-recorded 40 minute meditation + thought prompts


Sensory Bath....................$50

Centering the Horse - mind, body & spirit

60 minute energy healing & attunement

Pricing includes travel within 35km

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or to order / schedule a service.


"I’ve been a client of Emily’s for the past 6 years. Emily is a very intuitive person who cares deeply for both horse and human. Her knowledge and expertise has helped to support my journey and my horses journey, both together and apart. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her."



These rehabilitation sessions between the Horse and myself will focus on helping the Horse reestablish empowered embodiment, as well as emotional and spiritual balance through dynamic and self-organized play.

Emotional regulation is different than emotional suppression. While one integrates, the other disintegrates.

Imagine the body as a memory bank.

Mental, emotional and spiritual traumas are stored in and between the fibres of ones being - eventually impacting physical, psychological and energetic health.

Over time this accumulation of suppressed and stored energy results in tension, postural problems, restriction of movement, loss of spirit, breathing inhibitions, and other complications that Horses commonly experience—all of which eventually lead to injury and additional trauma. Luckily, this accumulation of suppression may be processed and released by finding flow through a complex exploration & intermingling of energetic duality.

Flow Therapy....................$60

Season of Flow Therapy (8)....................$400 ($50 per session)

For Transforming Rehabilitation: Season of Flow Therapy (24)....................$960 ($40 per session)


30 - 60 minutes of Bioenergetics healing (We flow for as long as the Horse can handle and grow from there)

Season of Flow Therapy (8) - weekly, 30 - 60 minutes of Bioenergetics healing

Season of Flow Therapy (24) - 30 - 60 minutes of Bioenergetics healing, three times a week for 8 weeks

Pricing includes travel within 35km

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like set up a holistic rehab program for your Horse.

"Imagine exploring your physical body in a way that awakens your emotional body, bringing them into balance with one another. Imagine the feeling of worthiness when being met by someone who recognizes your potential, who sees you for the sacred being you are and who helps you heal your scars.

At first I thought this journey into liberty meant I would find this friend in my horse. But the magic really happened when I realized that I could also be that friend to my horse.

Emily’s wisdom, her care, her commitment, and her constant yearning to know more about both horse and human on every level, has led to the discovery of this friendship. A mutually healing connection."





A sacred space facilitating honest connection.

Offering holistic reintegration, facilitated sessions, herd studies, workshops, retreats & gatherings.

Wholesome Horse Living....................$460 (per month)

Located approximately 35km East of Sherwood Park

Weekly sessions (4 per month), monthly barefoot hoof trimming, regular fecal tests and dewormer as needed, free choice mineral salt / hay / heated water, IR & EMS friendly feeding, bedded shelters, 24/7 turnout with our herd of "wild" horses, use of indoor flow room, 5 stall barn, wellness room, tack room, fenced off rolling hills and an outdoor play park, as well as blanketing and additional supplementation / care as needed. (Not including the cost of vet care, supplies or additional supplements)

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like to be added to our wait list.


"Emily is not only an excellent teacher but a truly great horsewoman. All of the horses under her care are consistently given whatever blanketing, supplements, extra feed, etc. they require, and she has always worked with me diligently to deal with whatever health issues have arisen with my horse. The horses Emily takes care of are not just a business to her, but a commitment for life.

I am so grateful to Emily's wisdom, integrity, and guidance. I can't attest to the quality of her services enough!”


Private Session....................$40

Season of Private Sessions (8)....................$240 ($30 per session)

Private Session - 60 minutes of facilitated learning

Season of Sessions (8) - Weekly 60 minute sessions

Pricing includes travel within 35km

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like to enroll.


Dogs, Pigs, Cats or Cows...


All Beings benefit from clear, consistent and open hearted communication. I'm here to help support universal connection, and offer sessions that focus on improving the bonds between Beings of every walk of life.





Over 50,000 horses are slaughtered on Canadian soil every year. In addition, some horses are shipped over seas to be slaughtered elsewhere. This mass murder and mutilation is our Horse Industries dirty little secret. Sentient creatures who've spent their life in service for Human greed and desire, are tossed away to a brutal fate the moment they're no longer of use... Many are even pregnant, young, healthy and still strong.

Each month I visit local auctions to learn as much as I can about the Horses who pass through. I also assist rescue missions as well as the rehabilitation of rescued Horses. Only bidding against kill buyers, each Horse we save is a Horse who would've otherwise been sent to slaughter.

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like to plan a rescue mission.

"The guidance Emily provided when rescuing our horses was incredibly insightful. She took us through the day of the auction and educated us through the process. The compassion she showed for every single horse that went through the auction that day was unparalleled. The way that Emily facilitates connections between people and horses made bonding with our new rescues flow with ease. The journey with my two new rescues has just begun and with Emily’s help they have already made such incredible progress."







Connecting through the Energy Body - the magic, mystery & science of communion and one minded consciousness.

A 10 part venture at the Sanctuary. Exploring the inner and outer workings of energy.

Will be hosted on Sundays from @ 10am - 6pm.

Plant based hot lunch and beverages will be provided.

Earth Energy....................$90 (part 1)

Connecting to the animal body to establish a rooted foundation

Parts 2 - 10 Dates to be announced

Water Energy ... Fire Energy ... Air Energy ... Sound Energy ... Light Energy ... Thought Energy ... The Humans Energy Body 

... The Horses Energy Body ... The Energy in Between ...

Please Email Emily if you have any questions or would like to sign up for an event!

"Emily Frost from Kiros Way has changed how we communicate with our horses. She has helped us to become more mindful of ourselves and of what our horses are trying to communicate to us.


Emily’s very strong intuitive abilities easily guide her in how she teaches her students. While allowing the horse to be the true teacher, she is an amazing conduit.


She has helped us to become so much more in tune with the mind, body and spirit of the horse. This in turn has helped each of us, along our own souls path."



Coming soon...


Thanks for connecting!




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Alberta, Canada

My Herd and I love adventure and are more than willing to travel to your yard or stable to offer our art.


Whether you are from Alberta, Canada, or somewhere beyond the border, I would love to work with you to arrange a way to connect.






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