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B L E S S I N G   B A N D S

by Emily Frost


Channeled for a healed & whole connection, then blessed in ceremony under a full cycle sky. These bands are woven to support communication, growth, connection, and healing. These enchanted & sacred adornments are a powerful initiation, offering massive creative inspiration.

These custom-crafted bands create distinct energy rings, that when worn around the neck, act as healing portals for your centaurian energy field.

Harmonizing greater connection.

Each band begins with a prayer and some cotton cord, later adorned by antique root-crown frequency bells, and various kinds of crystals, stones, beads, shells, barks, and metals.

Every band comes with an ekphrasis, which will translate key detailed representations into words, including animal / spirit communication that takes place during the creation of each piece.

Created to support:

~ Connection to nature / source ~

~ Healing & well-being ~


~ Relational wounds / traumas / insecurities ~

~ Creating a more balanced and wholistic partnership ~

~ Blessing & aligning the voice of both Horse & Human ~

~ Proprioception & healing of the heart and throat ~

~ Centaurian Artistry & Alchemy ~

~ Support with inflow / outflow / neutral regulation ~

~ Upholding & honoring the promise of autonomy ~

~ Cocreation, evolution, and so much more ~


These bands are extremely powerful healing adornments; meant to be worn in celebration of your unique centaurian magic and divine connection.

Take your sweet, sweet time when putting them on your horse to weave great intention into your partnership. They respond best to the power of presence.


Store them in a safe and special place. Bless them under the light of the moon and sun, hang them on a tree every once in a while to catch the breeze, decorate them with flower essence, cleanse them in crystal clear waters


& FEEL the living magic strengthen.

Each time you bless your band or fully honor it's significance you and your horse both reconnect with your greatest now; creating a powerful & united centaur. These bands are alive and will respond to your energy - shape-shifting with you.  


Horses' throats and heart centers have been their most heavily suppressed energy centers for the thousands of years they've been in intimate partnership with humans. Like chains around the neck of a unicorn, or the shackled wings of a pegasus, we've blocked so much of their potential and higher consciousness. Interrupting the natural flow of their energy and intelligence.

Becoming centaur with them, for too long, has meant that so much of their liberty & spirit gets taken from them.

Their spirits ability for integrated liberation and manifestation has been cut off, restricted, and mutilated.

But it so doesn't have to be this way.

Following the legacy of Kiro & Kirin, we can create centaurian connections without fragmenting the majesty of the horse.

These bands are healing spells and enchantments to assist us along the way. Removing the chains & shackles to replace them with a very special healing prayer & promise of connection, liberation, and manifestation. 


Priced at $555 CAD including shipping.

Shipping is available internationally.


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