W I L D   H O R S E   L I V I N G 

by Sanctuary



Our facilities include a heated wellness room with a toilet room, sink, fridge, kettle, microwave, and space for storing first-aid supplies, herbs, feed, supplements, and health / essential care records.

The main barn is well insulated but unheated to help keep the horses more comfortable. This space includes a tack room to store your horses’ belongings,
 5 large stalls for the option of grooming at liberty, a fire cauldron to warm the space on cold days, a picnic table, a radio, our beautiful flow room, and wi-fi.

Within the next few years, we aim to add a solarium to the barn, soft mats to the stalls, and finish developing the outdoor obstacle / enrichment park, community garden, outdoor healing space attached to our large rehab stall, and I'm sure so much more!

Additional supplements, herbs, and medications are offered to be given as needed. Blanketing is also offered as needed.

A barefoot specialist visits the barn twice per month, giving the option of having the horses' hooves trimmed on a 2, 4-, 6- or 8-week cycle. In addition, body workers, a neuromuscular equine dentist, and other healers visit the Sanctuary regularly. Boarders will always have the option of booking their horse in for these services.

considerate handling of the horse during essential services is available as needed for no additional cost. Though the cost of these services, including trimming, supplements, etc. is not included in board fees.

Our paddocks are built in accordance with the energy grid of the land, and set up in a way which encourages frequent and diverse movement, while providing safe and
suitable feeding and shelter year round.

In the winter months the horses are merged into a large herd, and have full access to both front paddocks. In the summer months the horses can either wander and graze the front meadows freely, or reside on the 4,500 ft. long paddock paradise track system.

Each paddock system has free-choice full time access to trees for shade and natural protection, open spaces to run, play, and sun bathe, hills to climb & use as wind break, fresh drinking water, well spread out hay in slow feeders (alleviating stress and resource guarding), natural mineral salt, and large shelters bedded with straw. 

This abundance ensures happy, healthy horses - helping to heal and resolve many types of health conditions, and "problem" behaviors that are so commonly caused by colonial horse keeping.

We are a community that strives to provide the best quality of life for our horses. By giving back to the horse so much of what domestication has taken from them, we ourselves may be gifted with the wisdom of wild, untangled, and multi-dimensional connection.

With regular herd council gatherings, off property group walks / rides, and other events,
the Sanctuary supports continuous healing, integration, and growth.


Our 40-acre Sanctuary is located roughly 25 minutes east of Sherwood Park, AB in the wild prairies of Amiskwacîwâskahikan. Nestled amongst multiple nature parks, providing opportunities for a variety of adventures and experiences.


Here, we offer a unique style of horse boarding, which gives back to the domestic horse a chance at living their most luxurious, fulfilling, & species appropriate life.


Surrounded by rolling hills and wetlands, this sacred space is a healing haven - supporting both horse & human on their journey towards greater universal connection.

With a herd cap of 13-16 horses, we aim to provide the best possible care and quality of living for our herd, while also preserving and reconciling with the land.


Wild Horse Living 


$360 per month.

To apply to reserve a spot at the Sanctuary, please send an autobiography of yourself and your horse. Sharing about your journey together, and why you'd like to join our herd. Currently at capacity, but always accepting applications.

All boarders receive a 50% discount on all educational and healing sessions offered by Kiros Way and Sanctuary.



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