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H O R S E L O V E   A P P

Portal to a Centaurian Sanctuary 

by Emily Frost

Experience the Magic & Mastery of Kiros Way


Do you have a Centaurian dream of ease, joy, magic, and mutual benefit?

Do you wish you could easefully communicate with your Horses, to strengthen and empower the multiverse 
connections you share; mind, body, and spirit?

Are you stuck in an avoidant or projected relationship pattern with your Horse?
Moving through waves of emotional unavailability or dysregulation?

Have either of you experienced resentments, bad habits, or "problem" behaviors you don't mutually feel in deep harmony with yet?

Do you dream of feeling free and fulfilled, apart from and together with your Horse?

Welcome darling. Yes, this sanctuary is for you.


My heart horse Tacoma and I, enjoying an early morning ride in our hills.


Soaking in an early spring sun with Luka the wolf, Montgomery the mountain goat, Rosie black beauty, and sister Ice.

My name is Emily Frost

I grew up with wild dreams, the gift & sensitivity of autism, and not so conventional parents. I was raised by adventurers, witches, yogis, elite athletes, circus performers, critters of every kind, models, actors, artists, the list is long.. and the world was small.

At a very early age my clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance allowed me to become fluent in an artful and universal language, which has since been skillfully refined by my animal mentors, brothers, and sisters.

As I grew, I connected deeper and deeper with nature and my beasty animal family. With nature, as nature.

At 15 I began homeschooling, got a smart phone, and found myself mentoring horse-human partnerships all around the world.

& I've since witnessed, experienced, and facilitated this art in illuminating thousands upon thousands of partnerships; creating and healing possibility through inner-, outer-, upper- and under-standing.

The teachings I've gained from my union with Horses schooled me in an embodiment practice that's allowed me to flow and fully feel through life, to manifest a reality more magical than most fairytales.

Integrating the teachings of the horse, teachings of power and love, may just be the greatest dance of our existence. Horses can be guides through the karmic shades of magic, choice, power, love, freedom, joy, authenticity, and expression, if we choose.

~ As within, so without. As above, so below.~


Over the past 5 years my fiancé and I have been transforming a rundown 40 acre patch of forgotten paradise into a horse sanctuary - home to our herd,

and now our Horselove headquarters.

We're answering the call to share our herds teachings in a whole new depth, on a broader scale, to help ground a global herd of dreamy heart centered centaurs.


My fiancé Kyle and I, surrounded by our heart herd. Taken on the hilltops of our Horse Sanctuary in Alberta, Canada. 

You'll get to meet all these precious souls within the app space!


Akira, turning inward.

Because during my own journeys of becoming and unbecoming, I've witnessed and personally experienced incredible suffering within the context of love.


Disconnection, in many of its forms, can be a poison and distortion to life and connection, and often leaves great wounding in its wake.


But this doesn't mean we shouldn't love or be loved. The only way out, is through. 


Our current world, let alone horse culture, is plagued with intoxicating levels of dissociation and disconnection. We aren't meant to break these cycles alone. It'll take a spark, a change of wind, and the love and power of a herd.

The wisdom of love gifted by the Horse who stands fully in their power, reciprocating care, constellating the path, can bring us into balance with ourselves and each other in profound ways, again, and again.

Are you ready to feel it all? Are you ready to bring light to the shadows and transform your life from the inside out, and the outside in? Are you ready for a union of reclamation, reconciliation, embodiment, love, power, and divinity?

Because great power comes with great responsibility. Once you begin this journey, there is really no going back. The doors to the multiverse will open, and any past blinders won't work the same for you ever again.

This centaurian sanctuary will hold space for life changing practices, support, challenges, stories, validation, and mind blowing magic. Even if you don't have a flesh and blood horse of your own.

The language of the Horse, put simply, is the language of spirit.

Tacoma and the Moon.jpeg

Playing on our grassy hills, under a harvest moon.

This intimate container is for you if:


Rósavín and Akira sharing space and relating through depth.

~ You're ready to align your dreams with your reality.


~ You have a tender heart, or are highly empathetic.

~ You find it challenging to speak your truth from a heart centered yet assertive place, or get uncomfortable when others do.

~ You or your horse have had painful experiences due to lack of boundaries.

~ You or your horse have experienced behaviors of resentment within your partnership, maybe from unmet or unexpressed needs.

~ Either of you feel emotionally out of tune, or tuned out. Perhaps you find it difficult to navigate new experiences with centered, regulated, and safe emotional depth?

~ You've negatively projected onto your horse, and want to end this harmful paradigm.

~ You struggle making decisions for your horse.

~ You have difficulty trusting yourself or your horse after mishaps and mistakes.

~ You or your horse have experienced medical trauma, or trauma of any kind, which was connected (consciously or subconsciously) to the relationship you share with one another.

~ You or your horse suffer from fear, shame, or chronic / acute pain bodies that feel like an interference in the manifestation of your joy and dream life.​​​

~ You understand your sacred responsibility and want to give your horse the best possible life, supported by an incredible partnership with you.

~ You have a passion and curiosity for Centaurian artistry, the Earth, and unseen realms.

~ Your ready to awaken, liberate, and consciously create your Centaurian avatar.

~ You desire balance and harmony for yourself, your horse, and your relations.

~ You want to feel good, empowered, and safe - both together and apart.

~ You want to unlearn a spirit breaking legacy, and begin integrating a practice of safe, ethical, and karmically clean real life magic into your horse-human-ship.

~ You want to co-create in flow with the natural world, yet also be able to regulate the influence of internal and external seasonal phases.

~ You're ready to rewrite all the stories that have kept you and your horse from

fully connecting & communicating the way you would have dreamed of as a child.

~ You're willing to speak and listen to wild and diverse truth, express and validate needs, uphold boundaries and integrity, and create and honor sacred agreements.

~ You wish to flourish and flow with your horse, in divine feminine and masculine essence - with ease and grace.

~ You aspire to become a wise, beloved, and entrusted leader of your herd.

~ You love horses.


Dancing in fresh snow, with a real life Unicorn.

I plan to share it ALL with you. My wish is for every horse and horse lover, to find the peace, joy, love, healing, abundance, and union that my familiars and I have found through these practices and this wisdom.

I hope you will join us!

What you'll find inside...

~ Unicorns Garden ~

A sacred space to share dreams and begin speaking them into reality. This is a space to explore the intricacies of magical moments that have happened, or that you wish to happen. Supporting the expansion of your nervous system, illuminating the subconscious and creative mind, to expand your field of possibility.

~ Alchemy ~

Illuminating a world of color and depth. This mini membership gives access to journal prompts for assisted manifestation and the ability to track the unique energetic formula of each flow, while recording your experiences in a way that supports future alchemy.

~ Lunar Gatherings & Herd Offerings ~

Live gatherings exploring key Centaurian themes, including: universal law and working with the influence of different seasons, relational entanglements, wisdom of difference and similarity,  self responsibility, radical truth, Pegasus / Unicorn / Dragon / Centaur archetypal alchemy, elemental & energetic alchemy, learning theory, flow, non resistance, bravery, multidimensionality, love, and union.. Meant to be intuitive and organic, these experiences are channeled for the collective dream.

~ Inflow Rituals ~

Sparks for new beginnings, manifestations, and recentering through inflow, connection, & expansion. These gatherings will include intention setting rituals, deep dives, lessons, story telling, shaping plans, and more.

~ Outflow Rituals ~

Consider and commemorate with what is, what's been, and what you or your horse may be ready to let go. Focusing on liberation and recentering through outflow. These gatherings will include releasing / completion rituals, follow-ups for past challenges, deep dives, lessons, story telling, shaping plans, and more. 


~ Q & As ~

Spaces to share & ask your more personal questions.

~ Growing Treasury ~

Complete access to a growing collection of recordings from past classes & gatherings, with special bonus content; downloadable in video, as audio, or in text. 

~ Herd Meadows ~

Additional organized community spaces for conscious and conscientious Centaurs to connect, share, and explore the considerate intricacies of multidimensional, all encompassing Horse-Human-Ship. If you subscribe to our full membership, you'll also have the ability to message Emily directly.

~ Integratable Codes for a New Paradigm ~

Aligned with this Aquarian Age, for effortless, co-creative, heart led flow with the universe. 

~ Also within the App ~

Additional workshops, immersions, & masterclasses, sometimes with surprise guests! 

House of mirrors.JPG

Multiverse moment after a powerful flow session.

Our world is a stage, a house of smoke & mirrors.

Every action and inaction creates a ripple of cause and effect.

Every thought, every feeling, even when we aren't aware or pretend not to be.

Our closest relationships especially, greatly influence and are simultaneously influenced by, the karmic rhythm of our lives. Acting as divine reflections for our greatest growth and possibility.

In this way, Horselove becomes a container for a relational practice of light magic and shadow work.

~ As above, so below. As within, so without. ~

Regulating inflow and outflow, to recenter into heart flow.



If you've ever felt anxious or unsettled while observing normalized practices within equestrian culture, I invite you to attune to these emotions as messages.


Any wellness that ignores the harms of oppressive systems and superficial connection / relations, contributes to unwellness.

Our health is rooted in the spiritual in combination with the physical - if severed, we loose our overall sense of connection and well-being. 

Embodiment is only possible when the body generating the experience and expression to the experience, does so while wholesomely connected.

I invite you to realize, remember, reconnect, reclaim, reimagine, redefine, and rewild... We each get to choose, shift, formulate and evolve by your own power and birthright. 

If reality is a lie agreed upon, what reality have you been choosing to simulate for yourself and your Horse familiars? Are you and your beloveds ready for more magic than you've ever known? Because the journey starts now.


Montgomery loving on his big brother.

Horselove Offerings


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Lunar (Monthly)


Enjoy Horselove Lunar Membership on a discounted annual exchange.

Enjoy Horselove Lunar Membership on a monthly exchange.


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